Avis Latvia has been operating in an automotive industry, providing full-service leasing and car rental for more than 25 years. Individual approach, quality and experience in this industry allow us to provide the greatest service to customers and recommend the best solutions in every situation. 

The market value of a car is the recommended price of the vehicle based on the registration date of the vehicles, the mileage, the technical and visual condition and the history of the car. Often, the value of the car is not determined considering all the criteria that affect sales process. What is the solution?

Avis Latvia offers an opportunity to evaluate your car - book an appointment and our employee will appraise Your car and will recommend the selling price.

 Fill out the application below or call +371 27072420.


In order to receive the service, please note:

  • First registration of the car - starting from 01.01.2014.
  • The vehicle is registered to a private person.
  • Valid Obligatory third party liability insurance.
  • The car is registered in Latvia.
  • A vehicle with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
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